Posted on October 2nd, 2006 by Mike

Feast eyes on cool poster for the upcoming Win MB show.

Winnipeg poster

The Unwanted have a slogan on their Myspace page: “Bigger, badder, balder & fatter.” Jeez, it’s just like looking in a mirror . . .

12 Responses to “Winterpeg”

  1. It’s like looking into a crystal ball too…. So tell me, how do you older chaps do it, still rocking out like you do? Are you guys on some special diet or taking some secret herbal formula or something? I’m really looking forward to seeing you guys play live again. Cheers.

  2. Just a note that the link in your myspace page doesn’t direct people here if they click on it 🙂

    Looking forward to your show at Lee’s Palace!

  3. I sure hope I can find your new record tomorrow. Love your homepage and admire the persistence of your humour. Stick it to ’em!

  4. I found the new record. If you do not buy it you are a subhuman.

  5. Your web page was over due and nice job on it. Have fun on the tour and see you when you hit our city. We have the SubHumans in the band spotlight until the end of your tour. Keep us posted on your gigs and such and we will post them on our web page.

  6. Well the title of this heading is aptly titled, as I see nothing but snow on the ground this morning in Winnipeg. I hope the Subhumans have winter tires, it looks like nothing but rain and snow in the forcast for the next few days.
    I look forward to the show at the Albert and will be bringing a few with me. I haven’t seen the Unwanted, in how many years ???

  7. You guys got a nice big fat write-up in the Free Press today, titled “Legendary punks still fighting the right after 25 years.” See ya Tuesday.

  8. Good show last night at the Royal Albert Arms in Winnipeg, before a capacity crowd. The Unwanted played great and the crowd loved all the old classics from the Subhumans. All the new songs sounded good.

    Hopefully the Subhumans stop off in Winnipeg again on the way back to the coast.

  9. Great time in London last night. The new cd has some great tracks. Was cool to see you guys selling lp’s also. Hope the tour goes well!

  10. Great show in Toronto last night it was sad to see such a shit turnout!!! It just shows how lame T.O. is!!! Fuck Toronto!!!

  11. Good day lads and congratulations on the new album. Can’t wait to hear it. Hopefully you lads’ll make it down to Chicago. Hey Mr. Card, get in touch as I have a proposition for you. Take care lads and all the best to yous in 2006/7!!

  12. Haha, hi Gubby. Haven’t seen you since …um… 1981 😉

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