Oxen to Ottawa . . .

Posted on September 17th, 2006 by Mike

The glorious rains of autumn have set in, maybe for good. Our alblum is officially o.u.t., and we’re trying to round up transport for our Fall Toor. Nobody in the band has a vehicle big enough to carry the band and the gear simultaneously. Maybe we’ll just send the amps and the drumkit on the road. Or with today’s fuel prices, a capacious oxcart may be our best bet. Free grazing is available on highway medians across the land, at least until the snow flies. And the leisurely pace would leave us plenty of time to ponder the question, Why are we in Afghanistan?

15 Responses to “Oxen to Ottawa . . .”

  1. Duh, yeah why are you guys in Afganhistan anyways. Must be a drag touring in an oxcart. Do the NATO troops like “Fuck You”? Do the Taliban like “Slave To My Dick”? Love the new CD. “Daisy Cutter” and “I Got Religion” are bloody superb! Can’t wait til you play Nunavit. Is it really true that you call the porta-potty in your oxcart “Stephen Harper”?

  2. Just make sure you make it to the Peg, and no excuses ! There will be a few old punks coming out for this one.

    By the way, the Firing Squad 7″ was the greatest single to ever come out of Canada. Time for another hot 7″ !

  3. Worry not Coler. How could we possibly play Cory Fart’s hometown and not play Spurtin Cummings’ hometown? Of course we’er playing the Peg. It’s a top priority! Barring a broken oxcart or an “act of George Bush” we’ll be there with bells on. And speaking of oxcarts, yes T.Boneheadious, we do have a porta-potty named Stephen Harper. We’re going to see if we can break a record and not empty it out once on this tour!

  4. there better B bells! i will be realy disapionted if there arnt, but than again…. nope disapionted
    young punk

  5. Looking forward to the Ottawa show!!! The new CD kicks ass!!!

  6. Are the Stephen Harper outhouses for sale?


    come to the states, alright?

  8. I heard the show in montreal will be the 29th…

    Says here it’s the 28th… could I get a confirmation?



  9. There are two shows in Montreal. The first one is a bar show at the Playhouse on Oct.28th and the second one is an all-ages show at Lambi on Oct. 29th (this one hasn’t been posted on our tour dates web page yet). We’d love to play the states again, but there may be issues with me being allowed in. We’re still thinking about how it might work. And last but not least, True Spuzzum, the Stephen Harper toilet is a porta-potty, not an outhouse and no, it is not for sale (although we might let you sit on it for a nominal fee).

  10. The new record is just great, both musically and lyrically and definately well worth the wait! Looking real forward to seeing y’all in Hamilton!

  11. Ok, excellent…

    Thanks a lot, I just wanted to make sure, cuz were playing on the 29th at Lambi.

    We ll see you then!

  12. Looking forward to seeing you in Toronto. The new CD is great! Nice website too.


  13. wow, im stoked you guys are back an better then ever!!! the country needs you!!!

  14. I got the new CD a couple weeks ago love it!!! I suppose even though I am just 41 I will be one of the youngest guys at the gig(s) hahaha!!! I will see ya in the Hammer or the T.O. see ya DD

  15. Great to hear your new album! Stuck down here in the States, I couldn’t make any shows, but just know they were amazing. My first punk show was at ‘Carnegie Hall’ at Hastings, and you guys changed my life.

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