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Interview: The Nerve

Posted on Thursday, October 12th, 2006 by The Subhumans | 1 comment

When I saw a handbill announcing a Subhumans show at the Marion Hotel in Winnipeg, 1981, I could scarcely believe it. After all, Vancouver was the Mecca of Punk Rock, and along with DOA, the Subhumans were at the very top of the garbage heap. We didn’t get many touring punk bands, and it seemed unthinkable that a group as great as the Subhumans would deign to visit. Because star worship is decidedly un-punk, we were careful not to act too excited, but none of us spiky tops would have missed this show for the world. As the date approached, it became increasingly difficult to remain calm. This was an occasion on par with the resurrection of Sid Vicious, who had died of rock related foolishness just two years earlier.

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Interview: Culture Bully

Posted on Thursday, October 12th, 2006 by The Subhumans | Comments Off on Interview: Culture Bully

Punk. It has changed from a term labeling a condensed segment of society’s outcasts to that which labels pop culture accessories and commercial music. Heralded Vancouver first wave punk icons, The Subhumans, reignite its reputation with the recent release on Alternative Tentacles New Dark Age Parade. The album serves as the reuniting element to a band that has been at the forefront of history, a band that had lost a member to imprisonment, and a band that eventually collapsed due to internal pressures and disbanded. New Dark Age Parade sees original members Brian Goble, Mike Graham and Gerry Hannah with drummer Jon Card (ex-Personality Crisis/SNFU/DOA/Stretch Marks) in what marks itself as one of the most crucially outspoken anti-apathetic exertions that recalls sincere punk ethics and aesthetics. In this interview the band’s original members all take time to discuss modern day celebrity, modern punk bastardization and Gerry Hannah sets the record straight on America’s War on Terror©.

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New Dark Age Parade