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Subhumans (Canada) :: Shut Your Eyes


Shut Your Eyes

(M. Graham)
New Dark Age Parade, 2006

Quiet days and sunny streets, the city drowsing in the heat
All the good folk moderately minding their own selves
They’ve got their channels filled, they keep their voices stilled
Nodding their bobbleheads to someone else’s words
A thousand network feeds, filling every need
Crimes are always taking place, no need to speak

Silence is violence
Swallow hard and hold your tongue
Evil purpose will be done in silence
Your silence, your silence is killing as I speak

Smoke drifting in the air, peace back here, war out there
Outside a boiling world that we don’t want to see
A mercenary corps fights our corporate war
The boots of mastery in someone else’s face
The experts all agree on what we shouldn’t see
Don’t look at the bloody mess that’s under the debris

Silence is violence
Shut your eyes, hold your nose
That’s the way it always goes, in silence
Your silence, your silence is killing as I speak

Shut your eyes, shut your eyes, shut your eyes

No borders anymore, this war comes right back to your door
Building inequality one paycheque at a time
The sick, the meek and the old, survive on scraps they’re thrown
And the neo-nothings always claim that you agree
Do or don’t you see, can’t riot in your sleep
Quiet’s not the road that leads to any kind of peace

Silence is violence
It’s long past time you spoke your piece
Surrender’s not a strategy, in silence
In silence, your silence, you’re killing as I speak

Don’t shut your eyes, don’t shut your eyes, don’t shut your eyes

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