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Subhumans (Canada) :: Out of Line


Out of Line

(Brian Goble, Dave Spaner)
Vancouver Independence, 1980
Pissed Off . . . with Good Reason, 1996
Same Thoughts, Different Day, 2010

My parents told me to go to school
My teachers told me the golden rule
The rules told me just be cool
I’m not going to play their fucking fool

Shut up your mouth
Shut up your eyes
Shut down your brain
Don’t step out of line, they’ll show you’re insane

Don’t tell me what to do
I don’t need you
Don’t tell me what to see
You’re nothing to me

Dropped out of school, forgot what they said
Don’t follow rules, words that are dead
On the run from the thought patrol
Witht their destruction the final goal

Open your mouth
Open your eyes
Open your brain
Step out of line, show you’re insane

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