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Subhumans (Canada) :: Modern Business


Modern Business

(B. Goble)
New Dark Age Parade, 2006

Try to claim your scattered brain, it’s pretty hard you’ll find
There’s a horde of ad execs with uses for your kind
Cause that’s modern business
Planting a line to grow in your mind

There’s a whole new way of life, a new economy
And you’re now just a vital stat in a group demography
Just a thing dangling on a string, another studied birth
You and millions like you to be sucked for all your worth
Cause that’s modern business
Reaping the crop from the culture called pop

Focussed, decisive, ill-planned, short-sighted
Zesty, seductive, hasty, destructive
Luring, inviting, hormone exciting
Waiting in hiding, never subsiding

To climb the pyramid and gain your self respect
You must achieve, deceive, and motivate, direct
And if you persevere and dodge the waiting traps
You’ll beat the numbers game and rise above the crap

Temperature’s still rising, seek the horizon
Well that’s modern business, that’s modern business

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