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Subhumans (Canada) :: In Good Company


In Good Company

(G. Hannah)
New Dark Age Parade, 2006

See the actors on the TV screen
Their lying faces make you want to scream
Trying to sell you what you do not need
Trying to satisfy their endless greed
Hear the static on the radio
Annoying voices on a pointless show
Their lack of taste makes you wince inside
Their burning hatred makes you want to hide

Though you might not think it’s true
There are lots of us who feel like you
No need to face it all alone
Rejected by society
It’s time to find your true family
No need to struggle on your own

This is the age of the great empire
A captive world bound with razor wire
A place in time without a history
Where people get their values from TV
But you’re no dummy, you’re too smart for that
You know illusion isn’t where it’s at
Though some will question your sanity
You’re not afraid to face reality

Though many people lead a life untrue
It’s not an option for someone like you
You couldn’t close your eyes if you tried
Your heart is open to the world outside
Though you may feel like you’re in Palestine
You’d never take the route of Columbine
No need to copy acts of violent men
Spreading fear and sadness yet again

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New Dark Age Parade