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Subhumans (Canada) :: Helicopter



(Mike Graham)
No Wishes, No Prayers, 1982

Some noise in the night, everything’s going fine, doing nothing wrong
A little bit bored, just hanging out, nothing going on
Wait a minute, what’s that coming at us
Chopper sliding in over billboards and rooftops
Just what the fuck’s going on?

Out in the back with a cold six-pack, just hanging out
Shouts from inside, chairs smashing through glass, stark panic breaks out
Wait a minute, what’s that coming at us
Pinned by the spotlight, shit we’re surrounded
Now there’s a riot going on

They got the overview
Over me and you
They always know somehow
I think they’re coming now
I think they’re coming now
They’re coming now

Can’t stay get away they win today, it was never in doubt
Cars and guns and riot clubs, they all need a work out
They’ve got the power and they’re gonna remind you
Run down the street and they’re running right behind you
Is there a war going on?

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