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Subhumans (Canada) :: Daisy Cutter


Daisy Cutter

(M. Graham)
New Dark Age Parade, 2006

Morning sun, distant fires, satellites, hidden eyes
Predators circling high, standing by
Mountain pass, dust rises, drifting smoke in your eyes
Screaming comes across the sky, you can’t run, you can’t hide

Daisy cutter, daisy cutter

Send ‘em in double time, everybody wants to die
Check point, razor wire, sniper fire
Cluster bombs, UAVs, semper fi, incendiaries
Depleted U and Devil Dogs, fuel air, shoulder launch

Daisy cutter, daisy cutter

Red, white, black and blue, everyone in range will do
Hit ‘em high or hit ‘em low, everybody’s got to go

Theofascist torture cell, lunging dogs, bloody walls
Stress positions, scream and yell in the pits of hell
Waterboarding submarine, sodomize electric leads
No-bid privatize, pepper spray in your eyes

War monger death ray, apocalyptic heat haze,
Laser guided terrorize, dirty skies
Space command missile shield, task force imperial
Rogues don’t negotiate, thugocratic terror state
Radar lock-on burning time, screaming comes across the sky

Daisy cutter, daisy cutter

Red, white, turning green, what’s that smell? it’s obscene
Festering in the midday sun, cut ‘em down when they run

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New Dark Age Parade