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Subhumans (Canada) :: Celebrity



(M. Graham)
New Dark Age Parade, 2006

I want a life of celebrity
devoid of integrity
and have the cameras flashing just for me
Be blind to my inability
divorce myself from reality
the inner sanctum doors will open wide

Sell myself for a license fee to every one who wants a piece
don’t think you’ll get this stuff for free
Read my arrests, illicit sprees
download the video and see
I’ll still be a celebrity

I want to join the punditry
advocate irresponsibility
promote decay because it works for me
One for you, six for me
there’s no such thing as society
and all the rules are set up just for me

I want to stun the nation
purvey false information
I’ll put the idiot in ideology
Make shady deals
rant and squeal for every thug who pays my fee
but I’ll still be a celebrity

I’ll be the CEO you see smiling with the tyrant king
anything that pays is fine with me
I’ll sell them guns, I’ll sell them bombs
I’ll help them chain the ones they rob
and I’ll still be a celebrity

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New Dark Age Parade