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Subhumans (Canada) :: Behind the Smile


Behind the Smile

(Mike Graham)
Vancouver Independence, 1980
Same Thoughts, Different Day, 2010

You and me, girl, we’ll fight it out against the world
If she believes that, she’ll believe everything she’s told
I’ll never leave you, not till the mountains turn to dust
If he believes that, he’s got a little too much trust

She’s nothing to him
He’s nothing to her
And both of them are less than that to me
They’ve both been had
A lie behind the smile
Perjuring to cultivate a dream

Businessmen and workers help each other make their way
If you believe that, just look around and count your pay
The government will help you, protect the old and feed the poor
You might believe that, till the police are at your door
You’re nothing to them
They’re nothing to you
And both of you are less than that to me
The skull and the badge
Are the lie behind the smile
Used against the powerless and weak

I’m a hero, I’m the spokesman for the crowd
My only claim to fame is a machine that makes me loud
Where am I leading you, why can’t you get there on your own
If you believe in me, someday I’ll leave you all alone

I’m nothing to you
You’re nothing to me
And less than nothing’s what I want to be
Confusion and noise
I’m sick behind my smile
Sick of every face that I see
I’m sick of every face that I see
I’m sick of every face that I see

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