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Subhumans (Canada) :: Review: Hour Weekly


Review: Hour Weekly

Posted on October 12th, 2006 by The Subhumans

After more than 20 years of relative inactivity, Vancouver’s Subhumans are back with a brand new record. Say what you will about old dudes reforming after many years in the midst of a parent-friendly “punk” revival, New Dark Age Parade is a refreshingly smart and pissed-off record. One thing’s for sure, those 20-plus years haven’t softened these guys one bit. Maybe it’s the fact that they were around during the real years of the violent, dangerous counterculture, or maybe it is indeed their age, but there is just something so genuine about their angst. The only real change is the quality of sound. Twenty years has done wonders for a reasonably budgeted recording. If you are into Dead Kennedys, DOA or anything else that doesn’t appeal to the broken-hearted, definitely pick this up.

Andrew Tweedy
September 7th, 2006

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New Dark Age Parade