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Subhumans (Canada) :: Fall 2010 Tour Dates


Fall 2010 Tour Dates

Posted on August 2nd, 2010 by Mike


We’re going to play a few shows:

Thu. Sept. 9, This Ain’t Hollywood, Hamilton, Ontario
Fri. Sept. 10, Lee’s Palace, Toronto, Ontario
Sat. Sept. 11, Call The Office, London, Ontario
Thu. Sept. 16, Katacombes, Montreal, Quebec
Fri. Sept 17, Mavericks, Ottawa, Ontario
Sat. Sept 18, Café Bar L’Agitée, Quebec City, Quebec

Further details to be posted if we ever figure them out.

7 Responses to “Fall 2010 Tour Dates”

  1. i hope that you can find the time to come to Edmonton….

  2. holy crap! thanks for comming out east. gotta catch at least the toronto show and will try to make hamilton and london also. incorrect thoughts is my favroite canadian punk album of all time and i’ve been waiting 22 years for this(since i was 15).thanks for making these 19 plus shows so maybe us old timers can get in a real old school pit were no one gets killed and we all pick each other up!!!

  3. war is in my head…i want to move it outside.

  4. Funny – for most folks, the war is outside, and they’re determined to keep it there…

    Um, do y’all know that the new Big Takeover has part one of a large Subhumans feature in it? (One photo is mis-identified; Gerry is ID’s as Mike, but – you know, they look so much alike…). Part two in the next issue, if all goes as planned.

    Oh, and there’s also a Subhumans feature in what I think is the most recent Mongrel zine, with a rare Subhumans demo included on their sampler (for “Slap In The Face”).


  5. Please, please, please play the east coast of the U.S.! The re-recording of “Incorrect Thoughts” is awesome — actually beats the original, which is saying A LOT. Would love to see you down here in Wash D.C. and hear the “Same Thoughts…” and “New Dark Age Parade” songs live. Best from down south.

  6. Arrrgh! Chris of the Furies tells me you guys played the Rickshaw last week! I missed it – I didn’t know about it! I mean, guys, you gotta announce Vancouver shows here too…!

  7. Please come play Winnipeg!

New Dark Age Parade