Death Still Too Kind

Posted on September 13th, 2008 by Mike

We are pleased to announce that, after only three years of people coming up to us at every gig and asking how come we didn’t have any of our old music available, that we will soon have a batch of our old music available. “Death Was Too Kind” will be released September 30, in both CD and LP formats, on Alternative Tentacles (VIRUS 391) world wide.

Included are our first single from 1978, our self-titled EP from 1979, our second single from 1979, and two bonus tracks that were retrieved from a 1981 demo session to round out the history of the original band’s first era and first lineups.

Here’s the track list:
1. Death to the Sickoids
2. Oh Canaduh
3. Death Was Too Kind
4. Fuck You
5. Inquisition Day
6. Slave to My Dick
7. Firing Squad
8. No Productivity
9. Look At The Dawn
10. Pissed Off … With Good Reason

All the tracks were lovingly retrieved from the best sources we had, and painstakingly remastered for your listening pleasure. The last two tracks were previously released on our 1996 CD collection “Pissed Off … With Good Reason” (which has long been unavailable), but these versions were remixed from the original multi-track tapes, and might almost qualify as “previously unreleased” if you’re generous. Which we assume you are.

We should also point out that unlike the various unauthorized bootleg releases that have surfaced over the years, the CD version is guaranteed not to contain any hidden viruses that might transmit your credit card numbers to a website in Belarus, and the vinyl version is guaranteed not to harbour any rogue transients that might cause your speaker cones to shoot out and embed themselves in the opposite wall. Just sayin’.

11 Responses to “Death Still Too Kind”

  1. Can’t wait!!!

  2. This is great news! Especially since I lost everything I had of yours in a car accident while moving 5 years ago, except a few shitty decaying cassette recordings. I gotta admit though, I kinda like the idea of a vinyl LP that cause speaker cones to become deadly projectiles. That could be fun at parties.

  3. That’s great guys! So glad that you’re finally able to release some of your old, hard-to-find material.

  4. Hope y’all enjoy the new (old) stuff. We’re pretty happy with it. Be prepared for another release within the next year or so too. In the meantime, anybody planning on going to see us at Pub 340 tomorrow night (Monday, September 29th), don’t bother cause there ain’t no show. G7’s website somehow screwed up and listed us as playing in Victoria tonight and Vancouver tomorrow night and it automatically listed the shows on our website as well. The dates and venues listed are actually from last year. We don’t currently have any plans to do any shows in the near future. Sorry for any inconvenience. Damn computers!

  5. When will this go up for sale at

  6. It’s October 3rd and no sign of ”death was to kind” anywhere… Where can I order it?

  7. This is from “Scheduled to release Tuesday, October 28, 2008”

  8. Thanxs for the info Lars…

  9. i could have sworn “Look At The Dawn” has been re-recorded, at least the vocals have anyways.

  10. I’d never heard of you guys before this compilation, but I will never forget your name now. This is some of the best punk I’ve ever heard. It makes me proud to live in Vancouver. Thanks so much.

  11. Great new on the cd release, I will now try and find it to buy!
    Oh, and I still have 2 of the original eps, with the same cover pic. One is open and ive played the living crap out of. the other is still sealed. And they are original cause Ive had em since about 1981, bought at bremerton records.

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