Posted on October 29th, 2007 by Gerry

There have always been attempts from old champions of punk to get together again after several years of separation. While some manage this convincingly, others don’t. The Canadian band, Subhumans, founded in Vancouver in 1978, dissolved already in 1982 when Brian Goble crossed over to DOA to play bass for them. In 1995, the group reunited after 13 years of separation; however, they restricted themselves to playing old material only.

Since 2005, however, they ditched this trend and devoted themselves to writing new songs. The result was the new release New Dark Age Parade, fourteen tracks of depth and goose bumps. All I need to say is 1978 in 2006 to describe the atmosphere of the new release. These are no stale punks who are out to garner the hearts of some fans with boring song writing—no, it’s the complete opposite. Subhumans play pushy punk rock songs with a political energy so often neglected these days. The sound exists in its simplicity and is not overproduced. Beautiful voluminous choruses and highly gifted bass runs emphasize the end product. It is not a snotty disk, which I completely attribute to their age, but these types don’t need it. With the character of the singer/songwriter they are not transmitting an absurd picture like the wrecked types a la Charlie Harper, but are tackling the job seriously and in doing so, appear mature, more grown-up. Ingenious!

Jens, September, 2006

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New Dark Age Parade
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