We’re Back!

Posted on December 19th, 2006 by Gerry

An update at last! Ah home sweet home. Finally, a stove that really puts out some heat! house on fire.jpg We’re home, we’re recovering (we all got brutally sick on the tour) and we’re busy plotting new strategies and conspiracies. While we can’t take credit for Rumsfeld’s resignation or Pinochet’s recent demise, we are working on some ideas like a possible re-release of Incorrect Thoughts, maybe some international shows, etc. We’re going to take a little break from playing shows over the winter as some of us have to work at our real jobs (the kind that actually pay the bills!), but with any luck, we should be back in the loop in the spring some time.

Thanks to everyone who helped us out on the tour, from those who put us up at their homes, to those who let us park in their driveways, to those who helped us load and unload gear (usually in the wind and the rain), to those who took photos of us—and then actually gave us some, to those who paid more money than agreed upon for shows, to those in the media who helped to generate interest in the new CD and the tour, to those who shipped us merch intact and on time. Thanks as well (and a big sweaty hug) to Derek and Sam, who worked hard behind the scenes to help make the damn thing happen.Mudmen1.jpg Thanks to G7 and AT, the greatest record labels on Earth. Last but not least, a very special thanks to all the loyal Subhumans’ fans we met in every town, whose enthusiasm and support got us over the rough spots and made it all worthwhile. Don’t just take my word for it. Look at yourselves, you are such beautiful people!

Now y’all be sure to keep in touch, send us your comments and more photos of the shows if ya got ’em. Just check out this baby! Yeah, we be rockin’! Subhumans Live1.jpg(we’d all taken our Geritol that night). For those of you who still haven’t picked up your copy of New Dark Age Parade for some reason (what are you waiting for, Christmas?!), you can listen to 4 tracks from the CD at our Myspace site (as well as check out what a bunch of other crazy bands are up to). If you want to shoot the shit with me personally (or tear apart my banal blatherings), come on over to my Blogspot and join the mundanities. Check the Links page on this site for the above addresses. Talk to ya.

6 Responses to “We’re Back!”

  1. You guys were incredible the two shows I saw… hope you come back for another tour SOON!!!

    Looks like you’ve found a copy of one of the pix I took in Montreal, there are more here:

    And if you’re interested I can send you copies of the whole set, just let me know.

    Thanks again for everything!!!

    Ken Vermin (four-stroke).

  2. In all honesty I think the new album is pretty weak. It just seems like the whole thing is lacking the energy and rage that the old albums have.

  3. Hey, y’all: someone else seems to be distributing INCORRECT THOUGHTS unofficially on CD; thought you’d want to know. Label called “Punk Vault,” don’t know where they’re based out of but there’s a copy on eBay, item number 270076217486, as I type. The seller may well be or be connected with the manufacturer. It includes stuff the CD Presents version didn’t, I don’t think – all the early singles, assumedly mastered off vinyl. Described as an “import.”

  4. Glad to hear you survived the tour. The new album is great – lots of energy and great lyrics! It’s nice that you guys are not locked into a rigid “punk” formula and are willing to experiment.

  5. Oh, speaking of early singles mastered off vinyl – this seems pretty harmless, but you might want to know about it; a punk blogger has put MP3s of your stuff up:



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