Yeah I know it sounds crazy but hear me out

Posted on September 15th, 2015 by Gerry

What’s the most hyperbolic statement you can make about a movie

Doesn this go to the whole “art vs. commerce” debate that has been around for what feels like orange birkin replica forever? From a business standpoint I totally get Disney using well known properties and remaking them, it much easier to market a known name that has received a live action or technological (in this case) aaa replica birkin hermes bag facelift.From an artistic standpoint, it kind of makes me sad that Disney seems to virtually be all about the well known IP (and again, I get it). I love to see Disney actually trying to put out some new IPs or original films since arguably they the studio that can most afford to take some risks thanks to all the well known brands they own now that rake in the money. What they SHOULD had done was make Steve Trevor Ares.Yeah I know it sounds crazy but hear me out.If you make Trevor into Ares, and make him actually be a pretty reviews decent dude. he is replica hermes purse the God of War, BUT he views war as a means to make heroes, a way to make humanity stronger, her response so he wants PROPER wars, which is why throughout history he has repeatedly prevented the production of weapons of mass destruction through any means that he could. Have a flash back scene of him hbags hermes replica stopping various WMD from being created hermes replica briefcase throughout history up to the modern day, and it would really flesh out his character, ON TOP of that it makes a hell of a lot of sense for Ares to fall in love with Diana, AND it makes a hell of a lot of Sense for Diana to fall in love with the god of war because she is a freakin Warrior. Tweak her arc so that she is raised as the one destined to kill Ares, and now you have a true emotional conflict as she is now destined to kill the one she loves. There is no final battle of might makes right, instead Diana is put into a position where in order to stop the WMD from killing millions of people she has to destroy it in such a way that also ends up causing the death of Ares. His Final words to her, “I leave it to you now” before he dies.It tragic to me that a massive blockbuster movie that everyone saw is misremembered by so many. The suit and the hermes mini evelyne replica dancing were so dazzling that its created a kind of amnesia where people remember it as a visit kind of party/dance movie like Xanadu when (much like with the previous year Rocky) there an incredibly vital and gritty drama at replica birkin bag its heart. Its a film peppered with racism, rape, suicide, rejection of religion (at the time a much bigger deal) and the realization that sometimes you have to leave behind the assholes you related to and grew up with to become someone better than the destiny you were tied to. On top of that the central romance of the film isn really a romance in the usual sense and is instead about a boy who starts off the film seeing women divided into “good girls” and “cunts” (Madonna/Whore, integral to the catholic world of the movie) learning to be friends with a girl, which is a lesson lots of men today could do themselves a favor to learn. Travolta has literally never been better in any of the other roles he played. Theres a whole lot of interior life coming out of his line readings in this thing and I don know if I ever seen the needle of cockiness/vulnerability threaded so well. There are very good reasons this was Gene Siskel favorite movie.Iron Man fighting other Iron Men. Cap vs other serum dudes. Hulk vs Hulk (since those movies are supposedly canon). Ant Man fighting other. tiny men.It got old by the time BP came out, and yet the plot was. Black Panther vs another Black Panther, fighting for the title of Black Panther. Come on, really. The replica hermes mini bag for birthright story was being told much better in the latest season of Luke Cage.And let not forget it the Loki thing again. It exactly Loki story repeated. I am not king, but should be, therefore fight. Myaaaah.It should have been a movie that focused on the conflict of being an insular society in a world that is threatened by global challenges, and has to make hard choices about preserving a culture vs reaching out to the world. Lots of social commentary to accompany that.

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