These are the things that we know about our recent relations

Posted on April 29th, 2015 by Gerry

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cheap moncler coats for women But it is not a secret from the world, like Nixon’s visit was, it is a secret from Indians.It was not announced till a few days ago and was not planned. The government said there is no agenda, but it is clear that Modi was not there for tourism.There was no joint statement and there were apparently not even notes taken during their several meetings.So then why were they talking?It would have been proper in a democracy that the government would have told citizens what the purpose of this visit was because it will cause needless anxiety, but perhaps the details will be revealed soon.What we do know about recent developments in our relationship with China is the following: A few months ago, we had a violent confrontation with them over a parcel of land in Bhutan called Doklam.We were able to hold the Chinese intrusion, but the government now says that the Chinese army is consolidating its presence in the area and might push again later this year.A few months ago, the Maldives thumbed its nose at India and sided with China.This was a surprise because till recently, India was able to impose its will on the Maldives, a moncler outlet uk nation of less than 5 lakh people which is near Sri Lanka and nowhere near China.In Nepal, the new leader has made no secret of the fact that he dislikes Modi and India and would prefer to realign his nation towards China.China cheap moncler outlet has pushed ahead with its Belt and Road initiative that includes almost all of our neighbours, including Lanka, Pakistan and Nepal, and this has alarmed India.These are the things that we know about our recent relations with China that were not spoken about by either India or China during Modi’s visit.The visit was given front page treatment in India, meaning that the reporters covering the ministry of external affairs believe it is significant but it has been casually received in China.Hong Kong’s South China Morning Post did not have coverage of the visit on its front page. The official China Daily led with the story of peace between North and South Korea instead of Modi’s visit.It appears that India wants this visit more than China does which means that we are looking for something from them cheap moncler coats for women.

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