May 15th Vancouver Show

Posted on April 25th, 2009 by Gerry

Dearest Subhumans fans, please note the following venue change: Our May 15th show in Vancouver, Canada has been moved from the Anza Club to the Ukrainian Hall (near Hawkes and Pender in Strathcona).  All gigs being put on by Low Down Dirty Productions that were scheduled for the Anza Club are being likewise moved.  We are sorry for any inconvenience this venue change may cause.  

Actually, it’s a bit of a “return to the scene of the crime” for the Subhumans; we played a benefit concert titled “Rock Against Prisons” with the Zellots, Rabid, AKA and others at the Ukrainian Hall way back in 1979.  Yes, and another interesting bit of Subhumans trivia: Mike tells me that we had none other than the ledgendary Chuck Biscuits on drums for that gig, as Dimwit had just defected to the Pointed Sticks.  Perhaps Chuck will grace us by sitting in on a song at this gig as well.  One never knows….  Suzanne, could you make it happen?  Anyways, be there or be triangular!

July 28, 1979

July 28, 1979

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  1. Too bad this is the result of a last minute venue shift – at least one other band on the bill for the Rock Against Prisons show, Tunnel Canary, is still active and lookin’ to play! (Of course, I suspect they would probably cause many Subhumans fans to clamp their hands over their ears and head for the door – “the more things change…” and all). The short version of my interview with Nathan (formerly Aleh) is here:


  2. Hey, actually – if you go to Youtube and look up Rabid 1979, or Tunnel Canary, you can see clips of both their sets from what presumably is this selfsame Rock Against Prisons gig. No footage of the Subhumans that I could see, though!


  3. Hey, is that the gig where Tunnel Canary projected images on a screen behind the stage, played garbage cans and trashed their instruments??? If so, I played some beer can hockey in the parking lot with everyone’s favorite punk band… and I do need reading glasses to read buttons… Kinda shitty you chose the gig to land within one month (before) I come back to Van for my once a year visit. Any chance there will be another one soon?

  4. Always an exception to the rule, eh. So yeah, in terms of gigging, its a good thing to return to the scene of the crime and blast off another good show. Hope your show went well. I remember constructing that Rock Against Prisons poster with Jill Bend and hand writing a couple of the band names due to line-up changes and other last minute chaos. Twist and shout! Yow!

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